4 Bands - 1 Incredible Nights - Fri, Aug 4, 8pm - Bar Matchless - Greenpoint, Brooklyn 

Most of the time we play shows with bands we don’t know. Sometimes we make friends. And occasionally we have to duck out in the midst of a fracas. Trust me, it’s never our fault. 

Anyway, this time it’s different. This is a 4-band show packed with our friends. This isn’t a DBR show. It’s a party night with 4 bands that will knock your socks off even though we’re in the middle of the summer and no one has worn socks in months. Please, enough with the short pants already!

DBR Live at Don Pedro on April 23 

On April 23rd…
     …it will be 380 years since the first public school was established in the US.
     …it will be 30 years since Coca-Cola changed its formula and released New Coke.
     …it will be 10 years since the first YouTube video was uploaded.
     …it will be 1 day until Sierra Rachelle Furtwangler’s birthday.
Come join DBR and friends as we celebrate whatever we want:

Thursday, April 23
Don Pedro
90 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY

$5 cover
Citizen Blast Kane, 8PM
Party Lights, 9PM
Lex Loser, 10PM